1.  How long does the body work take to complete?
  2. - Body work takes anywhere between 3-6 business weeks. We need to keep the vehicle in our possession during the entire process. Once the vehicle is at our body shop, we tear down the vehicle, exposing any damage that may be behind the panels in preparation for the insurance adjuster.
  1.  How long does it take for the insurance adjuster to come out to inspect the vehicle once it is at the body shop?
  2. - Since every insurance company is different, it takes anywhere from 3-7 business days for them to come out to the body shop for a physical inspection. 
  1. What happens if I do not want to repair my vehicle with Audi Manhattan, after an agreed price has been approved between the body shop and the insurance company?
  2. - If you decide that you no longer want to proceed with the repairs, you will be charged 33% of the final estimate.
  1. Can I add additional damage to a claim?
  2. - You cannot add additional damage to the insurance claim if it was not part of the collision incident. If you would like to have additional body work done on your vehicle, please ask for an estimate and one will be provided to you. You can then either pay out of pocket, or open a second claim.
  1.  Why do I have to pay my deductible? 
  2. - You must pay your deductible upon completion of the vehicle. This is a contractual obligation that you agreed to, upon choosing a plan with your insurance company. 

Body Shop Process - Through Insurance
  1. Call your insurance company and open a claim.

  1. Once you have obtained a claim number, contact the Audi Manhattan Body Shop department via email: Bodyshopnyc@openroad.com or via phone at (212)515-8227.

  1. Upon your arrival for your body shop appointment, you will receive three forms that give us authorization to collect payment on your behalf from the insurance company, the second form gives us authorization to represent you with your insurance company, and the final form gives us authorization to work on your vehicle.

  1. Once the vehicle is at our body shop, we contact your insurance company to notify them that we are in possession of your vehicle and wait to get a date from your insurance adjuster for the physical inspection.

  1. Once the adjuster comes in and the estimate is approved, we begin ordering parts. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over parts arrival but we will keep you updated as much as possible.

  1. Once completed, the vehicle gets fully detailed, inside and out, as a courtesy. Then the vehicle is brought back the Audi Manhattan from the body shop.

Body Shop Process - Out of Pocket 
  1. Request a preliminary estimate by emailing Bodyshopnyc@openroad.com. When you do so, please add as many photos of the damage as possible, as well as providing us with your VIN.

  1. Once an estimate is provided, and an appointment for drop off is made, we take the vehicle to our body shop.

  1. Upon arriving at the body shop, the vehicle gets thoroughly inspected, panels are removed and any damage behind the panels is exposed.

  1. A final estimate will be written and submitted for approval by the owner of the vehicle.

  1. Once approved, we will begin ordering parts and start working on the vehicle as much as possible while waiting for any parts to arrive.

  1. Once completed, the vehicle gets fully detailed, inside and out, as a courtesy. Then the vehicle is brought back to the Audi Manhattan from the body shop.

    For any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Audi Manhattan Body Shop department for assistance. 

    Email: Bodyshopnyc@openroad.com

    Phone: (212)515-8227


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***Audi Manhattan does not provide loaner cars for body work while your car is here with us.